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original music by Mike Rushford    |    temporal displacement    [ ISDN ]    [ 28.8 ]
          A Quarrel of Dark
                poem by Bobbie Kilzer Gogain
                art by Fran Barrault

Rains Coming by Fran Barrault

Straight barren lines
become askew in the wind,
a zig-zag of light dances,
three crows whirl,

the cloud, hanging heavy
with a pregnancy of rain
struggles with it's
unborn downpour.

There will be no escape from
the soot-black sounds of the
splatters stampeding
the riotous excesses of grass.

Earth creatures
tunnel into hiding
as the vacuum of the
apocalypse descends.
Rains Coming (Partial) by Fran Barrault

God's Vomit

    poem by Joseph Carcel
    art by Fran Barrault

The locusts

two miles spanning
and darken half

the country

as they flew

the great wall itself winged

The wheat became locust

gone the corn
the rye
they seemed to swallow even light

to hide the sand the starving
for feed

locusts swollen thick
as baby's fist with ceaseless feeding

a billion beating diaphanous wings
smashed to pulp

the horses and men

who balked
or froze at
their charred omen bones

Locusts' hum

of god-absorbed mantras

Cataract by Fran Barrault