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Rick Doble's Snowflake Exhibit Atomic Winter
by T.A. Gorton

all snowflake creations ©
Richard deGaris Doble
  In youth I would wake giddy
to a crisp descent of sky,
clouds hung shallow with the weight
of October seed.

I would think
how positively beautiful
in eyes that glittered them softly;
these fluttering gems,
how they spiral down
to greet my upturned smile.

Now with one foot dangling over death
I think
Where have simple snowflakes gone?
I watch them glide from black holes,
complex cutouts, jutting angles, lines
that quietly suggest Armageddon.

They say every snowflake is different.
Well, I guess all the easy designs
were used up long ago,
and god is reaching deep to make the statement true;
always a competitor.

Our world will end
when the last original comes slanting down.

And we worry about atomic bombs.
Rick Doble's Snowflake Exhibit
Rick Doble's Snowflake Exhibit

    original music
    by Mike Rushford

the path to choose    [ ISDN ]    [ 28.8 ]

To Reach (enhanced image) by T.A. Gorton

the path to choose

    poem and enhanced photo
    by T.A. Gorton

sometimes life just opens up
and you fall inside,
a warm collapse into laughter.
the sun fills a raindrop with
purity, and sends it down…down
to splash so pleasant in palms
children are always reaching for joy.

sometimes a glimpse of moonlight
can illuminate whole lifetimes,
and in that heartbeat we see the glimmer
of our days,
how they dance in our mind
like so many vague illusions;
an upward glance of full moon splendor
to transport us to childhood.

the sadness we live is coded
in the choices we make.

we can walk into a sunset
and just decide to smile.