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  What's For Dinner
    poem and art by Jennifer Jenkins

Thick hunger pastes my lips to quarreled gums;
banded pride stretched silent takes it's task
of steak tossed at my service line to pound
for pound I beat tinseled into thread;
sewn string to seethe like maggots on the tongue.

Seasoned flecks veil welts from after kill,
so tempts the sopped up open minded
Mister with a blister for a belly
that cries for more infectious bile to fill
his promise offered with saucy stench.

Slapped hard on tole, slit for foolish mercy,
slid to broil, door cracked to taunt escape,
blood splatter curses caught, turn into ashes.
Smoke seeks detection from eyes aloft.
Tossed and tabled you've been served, well done.

Heartfelt by Jennifer Jenkins

juice by Jennifer Jenkins Fall of a Drip
    poem and art by Jennifer Jenkins

He bulges
awaits her yawn
of down
time to
swan dive
for one brief
hug of hair
before the slap off.